Sunday, December 24, 2023

My Latest Novel, A Breath of Fresh Air is now on Pre-order!

Here's what my publisher Crossroad Press has to say about it. "This novel is fast-paced with strong emotion... you need this in your life. It's up for pre-order in eBook, shortly in print and due soon in unabridged audio. You won't want to miss this one..."

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Michael Windsor’s luck has abandoned him. His wife, Muriel, left him, taking his beloved seven-year-old son Andy with her, and is sleeping with a rich lawyer.

As if that isn’t enough, he experiences three near-death episodes in his sleep, fighting for breath and nearly suffocating. It's called obstructive sleep apnea, and his neurologist advises him to use a device to help regulate his breathing at night. It sounds even more miserable, but Michael agrees.

What follows is a whirlwind of surreal changes as his body strengthens, his life improves, and he feels somehow more alive. He knows it’s the machine, but he also knows that’s crazy. Then, to his horror, he is enmeshed in a string of murder and violence that has both the police and a very powerful, very evil entity hot on his trail. He also finds a new romance and the hope of a better life. If only he can survive and protect himself, his son, and the woman he’s grown to love.

Here's my latest, #scifi #adventuretime - Available on Amazon:

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