Thursday, March 16, 2023

A FREE NEW STORY, "A Nice Donation"

 Do you like going to thrift stores?

Well, I always have. "A Nice Donation" is a short story I wrote on the subject. It just appeared in Four Star Stories. It takes only a few minutes to read and illustrates why I like visiting thrift stores and shops so much. You never know what you're going to find!

Here's the link: ~

The beginning of . . , 

A Nice Donation

    The sign on Thrift World's front door read Donations Accepted Around Back, so that was where Marcelline went. She backed her pickup toward the Donation Center sign in the rear, then hopped out and opened the tailgate.

    "Hallo!" she greeted the slender woman who appeared in the doorway. "I have a donation for you, but it's rather heavy."

    "I'll get some help," the woman said, turning back inside.

    Soon two brawny men came out and carried her offering inside. It looked like a rosewood cabinet, four feet long by a foot and a half wide, and the men struggled with it.

    "Lady," the red-haired one puffed, "this thing is heavy."

    "I know," Marcelline said. She swished her long granny dress and fingered the beads on her necklace.

    The other man, who was black and bespectacled, grunted. "Darn thing weighs a ton," he said. "What do you have in here, a pile of rocks?"

    "Not even warm," she laughed.

* * * * * *