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John B. Rosenman
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Just Published -- Inspector of the Cross

What happens when a man outlives his great-great-great grandchildren in the pursuit of a noble but desperate cause that costs him everything he ever loved?  This is the case with Turtan in Inspector of the Cross, a futuristic science-fiction adventure novel published by MuseItUp Publishing.  Turtan travels in suspended animation to distant worlds in order to find a weapon that might turn the tide against the Cen, vicious aliens who have brought humanity to the brink of ruin.  Nearly 4,000 years old, Inspector Turtan is the Cross’s oldest and greatest agent, and his quest leads to a stunning climax when he finally discovers a device that can save mankind from annihilation only to find that a dangerous and seductive woman stands in his way.

Author Penny Ehrenkranz says “Rosenman is a master storyteller, and Inspector of the Cross will keep you riveted from the first page to the exciting and unexpected conclusion.  With exquisite attention to the smallest details, the reader will travel across the universe with Turtan as he journeys on his quest to right the wrongs of the world he lives in.”  The novel features a brilliant, evocative cover by the acclaimed artist, Delilah K. Stephans, who depicts the hero gazing out a porthole into space, perhaps contemplating his next exciting, mind-stretching adventure.

John B. Rosenman has published twenty books and over 300 stories in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.  Recently, his science-fiction short story, “The Blue of Her Hair, the Gold of Her Eyes” won Preditors and Editors Annual Readers Poll.  Some of his fiction has appeared in Weird Tales, Galaxy, Whitley Strieber’s Aliens, Starshore, and the Hot Blood erotic horror anthology series.  His other novels include Dax Rigby, War Correspondent and Dark Wizard (MuseItUp Publishing); A Senseless Act of Beauty and Alien Dreams (Crossroad Press); and Beyond Those Distant Stars and Speaker of the Shakk (Mundania Press).

ISBN  978-1-927361-74-0

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Ebook - $5.95

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


FREE E-BOOK GIVEAWAY CONTEST: I am giving out two e-copies of my time-travel story "Killers" to two visitors who comment below.  Winners will be chosen by lot from the comments.  In order to receive an e-book, please provide an email address and the format you prefer.  Winners will be announced Tuesday.  ISBN: 978-1-61937-216-0  -  BUY LINK FOR "KILLERS":


<<<God bless our service men and women past and present -- thanks to their courage and sacrifice, we owe our freedom.>>>

Blurb from "Killers": What comes first, love or duty?  Diana, a 24th century Supervisor of time travel, learns that Dero is taking unauthorized trips into the past.  She knows she should arrest him, but she loves him too much.  Obsessed, she follows him repeatedly into the distant past to save him from the machine-like killers that police the timelines.

One day he goes too far, threatening the delicate fabric of history itself, and Diana must make a terrible decision.


                                                                                                                                                           They look just like everybody else, except to me. Even when they move, they’re fixed islands in the sea of time, their false human faces following me even if they’re looking elsewhere. Somehow I always know their cold eyes are watching, that they don’t belong in the world I find myself in either.

In whatever time period I send myself to.

As for the current period, it’s Vienna, 1782. Time travel is an imperfect science, but the Chroneton has landed me exactly where it was supposed to: in an empty, musty alley off a busy cobblestone street near the heart of the city. Unobserved, I suppress a sneeze and venture out into the ferment of a vital land.

Men move about in white powdered wigs and fancy waistcoats, wearing tricorn hats and lace at their wrists and throats. A shopkeeper shouts, and a woman laughs. A fancy red carriage rolls past, pulled by matching bay horses. One of them snorts at me and flicks his tail as if he knows I don’t belong here.

A young woman barely thirty, I clutch the parasol I snatched from Wardrobe and try to look older so as not to attract attention. I feel swallowed up in petticoats, which makes it hard to navigate the street, and the fact that one of my heels is loose doesn’t help. The smell of the place is decidedly bad—raw sewage in a gutter, the smell of unwashed bodies beneath the perfume. I remember from my research that even higher-class people bathe only a few times a year. Hopefully, it won’t take me that long to get through decon when I return.

The odds of running into Dero are slim, and I’m even less likely to find Amadeus, the reason Dero tripped to this place and time. Vienna may not be a modern city, but it’s spacious and labyrinthine. Mozart frequented this particular quarter, which boasts high-end shops selling assorted sleaze and a perversion for every palate.

Odds, as they say, are made to be broken, and I spot Dero five minutes after I almost trip on a jagged cobblestone. Six foot three and muscular, Dero stands out in this runty, malnourished era, but he carries himself with such careless pride, he dissolves suspicion even as he encourages it. His handsome face flashes with smiles, and he laughs in a rich baritone that proclaims him to be a Lord of Earth, at home in every century. Maybe in the Pleistocene, he would strike you as being a tad out of place, but five seconds wrapped in his spell would douse all doubts, no matter how heavy.

Of course, I’ve time-tripped here instead of reporting him because I’m madly in love. Despite my secret shame, I cannot resist pursuing him into the past like a smitten bloodhound. I feel degraded by my passion, but without him life would be tedious.