Monday, March 9, 2015


by John B. Rosenman

No, I don't mean the difference between men and women and me.  I mean the difference between men and women and then some news about what I'm up to these days.  As far as I know, I am a man.

Anyway, recently Gary Stillman asked on Facebook: "Name something men do better than women."  I responded by saying "Heavy lifting."  Later I expanded it by saying that in general, men were stronger and physically superior to women in a variety of sports, one of which is doing power lifts.

I then asked, "Name something women do better than men."  Some women responded, having babies. However, I don't think this qualifies.  Women don't do it better because men can't do it at all.  Anyway, here's a short, evolving list of things I believe women do better, always keeping in mind that there will be numerous individual exceptions.

1. Women can multitask better (contributed by my wife)

2.  Women communicate better and are more nurturing and collaborative; they reinforce and consult with each other more.  How often have you seen two women go off to the restroom together in a restaurant.  Can you imagine men doing it?

3.  Women are more into RELATIONSHIPS.  This is a major reason they write more romances and erotica than men.

4.  Women are more practical.  Men more often go after impractical and often foolish goals.  In fact the word "quixotic" comes from the amusing hero Don Quixote, who read too many medieval romances and embarked on a visionary and impractical quest.

Well, what about it, ladies and gents?  Am I right so far, or am I wrong?  Please comment below.

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