Saturday, April 27, 2019

My Latest Interview plus a Book on Sale

Fiona McVie recently interviewed me on her blog, Author Interviews.  It's perhaps the most comprehensive interview I've ever had.  Fiona certainly asks a lot of questions, some of which are rather personal. Please check it out at -

Here's just one question. Fiona asks, "What makes you laugh/cry?"


John: I laugh at a lot of things. President Trump and political humor. Dirty jokes. Stephen Colbert and Saturday Night Live. Pickles and Doonesbury.

I don't cry easily. Males are discouraged from showing emotion. I did cry at my father's funeral, though I didn't do it very well. What I felt inside was terrible, though; a vast, permanent loss. I've gotten more sentimental as I've aged, and I can respond to more things. There's a video online about a little girl who lost a cat and then she enters a room and finds an adorable kitten. Her reaction gets me every time, especially when she looks up at her mother and pipes, "Can I keep him?"

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#YoungAdult #Children #Scifi #HorrorTHE LAZARUS TRICK: When Tommy discovers Mark's terrifying abilities, will he remain his friend or run?


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Growing up can be hard, especially when you have mixed feelings about a fellow sixth grader. Tommy Starr is drawn to Mark Harmon, but despite Mark's magnetic personality, he has a dark side as well. On Halloween, Mark displays terrifying telekinetic and other abilities that frighten Tommy and make him decide never to see Mark again.

His father also doesn't want Tommy to see Mark. Still, Tommy disobeys him, choosing to remain Mark's friend. Soon, events spiral out of control, building to a climactic event that changes Tommy forever.