Friday, June 9, 2017

Poems About Poems

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Can you write poems about poems? Of course you can. Here are two poems I wrote long ago.

                                                            This Poem

                                                This poem is hypnotic.
                                                Watch these words.
                                                Your eyes are getting heavy.
                                                You are getting sleepy.
                                                You are beginning to feel at peace
                                                with yourself.
                                                Now your thoughts are a child’s.
                                                Now you are inanimate,
                                                a leaf on an iron wind.
                                                Now you are the first thought
                                                you ever had
                                                closing like a bud in snow.

                                                Now I am this poem,
                                                each word a reflection
                                                in your eye.
                                                You are my reader
                                                getting sleepy
                                                beginning to feel at peace
                                                with yourself.
                                                Ready to join me
                                                in my poem.                          

                              If God Were An Imagist Poem

                                                so much would depend

                                                a red god

                                                glazed with heaven

                                                beside the milky

--With profound appreciation to William Carlos Williams’ famous imagist poem “The Red Wheelbarrow”, presented below.

                             The Red Wheelbarrow
                                    so much depends

                                                a red wheel

                                                glazed with rain

                                                beside the white
* * * * *
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