Thursday, November 8, 2012

DAX RIGBY, WAR CORRESPONDENT Receives a 5.0 Stars Review

I'm happy to announce that Rochelle Weber gave my SF adventure/romance/suspense/ mystery Dax Rigby, War Correspondent a 5.0 Stars Review.  Rochelle writes:

This is a page-turner.  The action starts the minute Dax’s boots hit dirt on the planet Arcadia, and it doesn’t stop.  Almost everyone is a suspect, and it’s difficult to tell reality from hallucination at times.

From the author: This novel, published by MuseItUp Publishing, features a tropical mysterious planet with two alien races; a murderous conspiracy and a hidden killer; an amorous pilot with her sights set on Dax whose girl is located back home on Earth 90,000 long light-years away, a bitter war on Earth between East and West and much more.
Readers can read Rochelle Weber's full review at her site, Rochelle's Reviews:

Length:  250
Price:  $5.95


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