Wednesday, June 20, 2012


by . . . KAREN COTE

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road - We took away the rules and let them write whatever the hell they liked: This is what we got, and there's more inside...

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 What’s on the back cover (be sure to take a peek at some of the partial reviews listed from Amazon).

HOLD-UP by Lucille Robinson
A rapist learns why crime doesn’t pay—will he survive the lesson?

Partial Review on Amazon: This story is thoughtful and well-written. I liked the premise a lot, but would have liked to have read more. The ending was justifiably abrupt, but it did leave the story feeling somehow incomplete. Nonetheless, it's a good, short read.

JUDGMENT DAY by Angelika Devlyn
An injured woman falls into the hands of a psychic psychopath.

FOR ART’S SAKE by Elizabeth Coldwell
Just what is Danni prepared to do for Art’s Sake?

Partial Review on Amazon: I don't claim spanking as one of my turn-ons, but I enjoyed this erotic piece all the same. The story is well-written and cohesive and moves to a satisfying ending.

SIMON SEEKS by Nathan L. Yocum
Gotta find someone, go to Simon Craig. But don’t get on his bad side.

Partial Review on Amazon: This story is executed beautifully, offering creative visuals and awesome depth to details other authors might leave mundane. The only disappointing part is the ending, which seems far too abrupt for such an otherwise meticulously laid out story. I wanted to read more.

Grieving man stumbles upon a remarkable form of heroism.

Partial Review on Amazon: The Barefoot Hero" brought tears to my eyes. The story is bittersweet, tragic, and brilliantly written. The characterization is deep and thoughtful, leading to a conclusion that is as painful as it is gratifying. A lovely story.

THE JOURNEY by Megan Johns
A complex woman—wife and mother, has a most surprising secret.

TRIONA’S BEANS by Casey Wolf and Paivi Kuosmanen
Teenage girl saves a world between first and last dinner call.

THE MEAL by Mike Brecon
Reality TV at its ugliest and most brazen.

He won’t stop. There must be seven to forgive his own sins.

THE SMILE IN HER EYES by John B. Rosenman
Can a young girl and an old man find love in an intolerant society?

Partial Review on Amazon: Very well-written and creepy on many subtle fronts, "The Smile in her Eyes" reads like Lolita in The Twilight Zone. Pay attention to every little detail when you read this story or you'll miss out on its full brilliance.

SLUMFAIRY by Tonya Moore
A jaded mercenary is enlightened by her strange world.

TAKE TWO by Kit St. Germain

MALPAS (Novella) by Marion De Sisto
Her invisible & insatiable dream lover wants things his way. Not likely!


  1. Welcome, Karen. Remember, the winner from these comments will receive a free eBook personalized by the publisher.

  2. Welcome, Karen. Remember, the winner from these comments will receive a free eBook personalized by the publisher.