Sunday, July 22, 2012


Cover Art by Caniglia

Sometimes they come b-a-a-a-c-c-c-k!

In 2004 I published a creepy and erotic short story called "Through a Glass, Brightly" in a 300 page trade paperback short story collection.  PEEP SHOW, Vol. 1 is edited by Paul Fry.  As you can tell from the cover above and from some of the titles, this isn't an anthology intended for the faint of heart.  The titles include "Closer to Death," "Acid Love," "Peeping.Com," "Drowning," "Snake Charmer," and so on.

Well, folks, you all know the digital revolution is here and the eBook is king.  In this spirit, I introduce the eBook version of PEEP SHOW, Vol. 1 just released this month, July 2012.

It's now available directly from SST Publications at, from Amazon, Apple's iBookstore, and it's coming soon from Barnes & Noble.  $14.95 PB; $6.99 Kindle.

Be sure to leave the lights on at bedtime!

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