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The Writing Life Newsletter #12 - July, 2019

John B. Rosenman, SciFi and Fantasy Author (Subscribe on my Website, just Click on the tab at the top.)

How many of us take a chance and do something frivolous or foolish, something just because we want to even if people laugh? Maybe it's something dangerous or expensive, or something ambitious and a little bit daring. For me, this month it's the shirt I'm wearing in the above photo. I saw it online and tried to resist, but it's the most gorgeous shirt I've ever seen. Now it's mine and I wear it joyfully even though dogs tend to bark when I pass by. What about you? Have you ever done something different and out of character, something even publicly embarrassing?

Book Signings

Speaking of something a little different, I've arranged to do not one but two book signings at the two branches of the same store. I'll be at Book Exchange in Va. Beach on Sept. 14 from 12 to 4 pm and Book Exchange in Norfolk on Oct. 26 from 12 to 2 pm. Free bookmarks, come by and chat with the author. Stay tuned for any changes.
A Senseless Act of Beauty

Too Big to Write?

It wasn't until I was five or ten thousand words into A Senseless Act of Beauty that I realized how ambitious a venture it was. Should I quit and try something safer? Ultimately the novel ended up over 115,000 words long. What's more, it's a frame narrative that contains four thematically-linked stories, two of which are about Nigeria, a country I'd never visited. Is this epic about a futuristic Nigerian hero struggling to save a New Africa in space any good? Check it out and let me know. It's free with #KindleUnlimited at A Senseless Act of Beauty -
giphy 1
The Turtan Trilogy

Can I Write a Series?

This is even bigger, since it involves an entire series. The sixth book in the Inspector of the Cross series will be out later this year. Actually, this undertaking crept up on me incrementally. When I wrote the first novel about Turtan, my star-travelling hero, I never intended to write a second. I suppose that's the case with other authors as well. To the right is a GIF I designed of the first three novels in the series. I call it The Turtan Trilogy. It's at The Turtan Trilogy -

Special Offer

The first three readers to respond will receive a free Kindle copy of my science-fiction horror short story, "Killers".

What comes first, love or duty? Diana, a 24th century Supervisor of time travel, learns that Dero is taking unauthorized trips into the past. She knows she should arrest him, but she loves him too much. Obsessed, she follows him repeatedly into the distant past to save him from the machine-like killers that police the timelines.

One day he goes too far, threatening the delicate fabric of history itself, and Diana must make a terrible decision. (Winner of Editor's 2013 Top Pick Award for Musa Publishing).

Check it out on Amazon at Killers -

Robert A. Heinlein

(July 7, 1907 -

May 8, 1988)

There was so much to grok, so little to grok from. -
Stranger in a Strange Land

I always get the shakes before a drop. Starship Troopers

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

My Latest Interview plus a Book on Sale

Fiona McVie recently interviewed me on her blog, Author Interviews.  It's perhaps the most comprehensive interview I've ever had.  Fiona certainly asks a lot of questions, some of which are rather personal. Please check it out at -

Here's just one question. Fiona asks, "What makes you laugh/cry?"


John: I laugh at a lot of things. President Trump and political humor. Dirty jokes. Stephen Colbert and Saturday Night Live. Pickles and Doonesbury.

I don't cry easily. Males are discouraged from showing emotion. I did cry at my father's funeral, though I didn't do it very well. What I felt inside was terrible, though; a vast, permanent loss. I've gotten more sentimental as I've aged, and I can respond to more things. There's a video online about a little girl who lost a cat and then she enters a room and finds an adorable kitten. Her reaction gets me every time, especially when she looks up at her mother and pipes, "Can I keep him?"

_______________________ * * * * * * * * * * * * _________________________

ON SALE! Just 99ٕ¢ for one week!

#YoungAdult #Children #Scifi #HorrorTHE LAZARUS TRICK: When Tommy discovers Mark's terrifying abilities, will he remain his friend or run?


Barnes & Noble:


Growing up can be hard, especially when you have mixed feelings about a fellow sixth grader. Tommy Starr is drawn to Mark Harmon, but despite Mark's magnetic personality, he has a dark side as well. On Halloween, Mark displays terrifying telekinetic and other abilities that frighten Tommy and make him decide never to see Mark again.

His father also doesn't want Tommy to see Mark. Still, Tommy disobeys him, choosing to remain Mark's friend. Soon, events spiral out of control, building to a climactic event that changes Tommy forever.



Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Writing Life Newsletter #7

The Writing Life Newsletter #7 - Jan. 2019

John B. Rosenman, SciFi & Fantasy Writer - (Subscribe on my Website at

{I hope you are all doing well.  Here's my latest newsletter.  Please comment and let me know your opinions about it and anything.}


What's New

My children's / young adult novelette The Lazarus Trick placed 6th in Critters Annual Readers Poll for SciFi / Fantasy Short Fiction. It's a story about a boy with paranormal powers. I will give a free copy to three people (chosen by lot) who can tell me what Stephen King work partly inspired it. My e-mail is
Click on Picture - Are You Eating the Right Foods?

Are You Eating the Right Foods?

All of us writers and readers like to eat. Recently I read an article by Peter O. Blumberg called "40 Nutrition Experts Told Us The Foods You Should Be Eating Every Day". He gives us 40 different foods, some of which I'd never heard of. Here's a Baker's Dozen. How many have you eaten, and can you guess the one I hate? Is there any food you can't stand? (1) Avocados, (2) Tea, (3) Ginger, (4) Olives, (5) Brussels Sprouts, (6) Flaxseeds, (7) Walnut Pesto, (8) Apple Cider Vinegar, (9) Watermelon, (10) Sweet Potatoes, (11) Kale, (12) Wild Salmon, and (13) A vegetable that a recently deceased president hated.

The Turtan Trilogy

giphy 1

Hey, Here's one of my Giphys!

This is one of my modest experiments. A Giphy or GIF is a looping video without sound. This Giphy is for the first three novels in my Inspector of the Cross series. Isn't it exciting? My hero is 4000 years old and he's dedicated his long, long life to saving us from aliens. What a guy! Just click on the GIPHY to purchase.


A PDF copy of How to Write Science Fiction or Speculative Fiction. (To subscribe, just follow the directions on my website at Website).

What is science fiction and how does it differ from fantasy? How do you write the stuff and how do you catch a reader's interest no matter what genre you're writing in?

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Monday, December 31, 2018

Can Life Imitate Art?

Sometimes life imitates art, not the other way around. About eight years ago I became sick with a mysterious, life-threatening disease. My primary care physician ran all the tests in a vain attempt to diagnose it. In the meantime I wasted away and lost thirty pounds. I developed a mild psychosis and a hideous red rash over half my body. Finally my doctor told me he was stumped, and I asked him, "Could I have cancer?" In desperation, he referred me to a gastroenterologist and I finally received a most surprising diagnosis.

What do you know! About ten years earlier I wrote a story about a woman with a mysterious disease. The difference was that everybody hated and feared her for some unspecified reason while I was shuttled from specialist to specialist. "The Blue of Her Hair, the Gold of Her Eyes" won Preditor's & Editor's #SciFi / #Fantasy Short Story of the Year. - Why does everybody fear and shun Rachel and what will ultimately happen to her?

The Blue of Her Hair, the Gold of Her Eyes

Available at: Amazon:    
MuseItUp Publishing:

Happy New Year to Everybody!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2018


Please check out my website at



John B. Rosenman, SciFi & Fantasy Writer

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Hello, Friends, Here's What's New!


#Paranormal #Fantasy, just 99¢

- A Strange Romance in the South Pacific. Can two very different people find happiness? Published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing and Available at Amazon: (Bagonoun's Wonderful Songbird Kindle Edition) Also at Smashwords: (Searching for: Bagonoun's Wonderful Songbird)

#SciFi, 99¢

Suppose you could have yourself reborn at the age of seven so your childhood self could help you cope with crippling guilt for the death of your father -- would you do it? And would it be fair to the boy you once were, especially since he will live only one day? Published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing and Available at Amazon:
Childhood's Day Kindle Edition
Also at Smashwords: Searching for: Childhood's Day
inspector 333x500-2

Book 1 of the Inspector of the Cross series just $2.99 - MuseItUp Publishing

#SciFi - The Galaxy is his backyard, and the Universe is his home.

Thanks to suspended animation, Turtan is over 3500 years old and travels on freeze ships to distant worlds. His mission is to investigate weapons to help humanity turn the tide against their ancient nemesis, the Cenknife. Vicious aliens, the Cenknife seek to conquer the universe and enslave humanity.

Kobo: Inspector of the Cross Inspector of the Cross, #1

Special Offer - Free Short Story

Subscribe from now until November 1 and I'll send you a free 1500 word short story. Just click on my picture above at the top and follow the directions to register. In case you have any questions, e-mail me at Thank you!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


I'd like to ask a few questions:
1. Do miracles happen?  2. If so, are they always caused by God or have a supernatural origin? In other words, are there ever any everyday miracles that have natural or medical causes?  3. Have you personally ever experienced any miracles, and if so, of what kind?
These and other questions occurred to me after reading the article below. The link is provided at the end.

'Miracle' Boy, 13, Who Was Apparently Brain Dead Wakes After Parents Sign Organ Donation Papers

Trenton McKinley

Because of a dune buggy accident, McKinley was brain dead for days and his parents were about to donate his organs to five children.  He suffered multiple skull fractures as well as kidney failure “due to the lack of oxygen after his cardiac arrest,” according to the Facebook page. Fox 10 reported that he continues to suffer from nerve pain and seizures every day, but he’s keeping a positive attitude.
“I said I could turn sideways and put salsa in there and eat chips and dip out of my head,” he joked to Fox 10. “No more washing dishes for me!”
He’s had three brain surgeries and continues to make progress as he recovers at home. A video posted to Facebook showed McKinley sinking a basketball into a hoop at rehab last month, while another showed him taking a stroll with the help of a walker.
McKinley told Fox 10 that he feels he was in heaven while he was unconscious.
“I was in an open field walking straight,” he explained. “There’s no other explanation but God. There’s no other way. Even doctors said it.”

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Please check out my interview on MuseItUp Publishing's blog. (Just scroll down.) It's at


Who are some of your favorite authors?          
Orson Scott Card, Octavia E. Butler, Stephen King, Robert Silverberg, Lee Child

What motivated you to become a writer and at what age?          
I grew up when there was no TV and listened to The Shadow and similar programs on the radio in the dark.  They fired my imagination.  Then came books like Men of Iron and SF magazines. I can recall scribbling cartoon panels when I was really small, five or six or so.  I liked to make up stories.  Oh, yes – my father used to tell me bedtime stories in the dark about a boy and his adventures.

What 3 words describe you as a person?          
Neurotic, impractical, visionary

What 3 words describe you as a writer?         
Imaginative, spontaneous, painstaking

When not writing, how do you spend your time? Hobbies?          
Tennis, reading, and watching movies, serials, and CNN

Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?           
Perhaps it was Men of Iron, which my father gave me.  All those brave, heroic knights.  Now I write about brave, heroic knights in space.  (Interview continued on the site above.)

Skyburst is available at: